The Things You Could Do With Feathers

Birds of a feather, they flock together. It must have originated from the birds. Not so much that all birds have feathers, lots of them, but perhaps because birds are rather sociable creatures. You cannot deny this, just listen to the way they sing sometimes. No, birds don’t talk like most creatures do, including human beings like you, they sing. What could be more sociable than that? Speaking of sociable occasions, colored feathers are really great for fancy dress or masked balls. In fact, it is an old tradition.

And speaking of fancy dress, just ask the world famous couturiers, you know, the Versace’s and Gautier’s of this world, colored feathers will continue to be used in the design and manufacture of classy garments. This is something for the ladies out there. But then again, these days, you never know. And that’s still alright. Because why be normal? Why not be eccentric and different? There can’t be any fun in being normal and boring. All the fun is happening at the next party. And just look at those feathers fly.

Yes, do that. Rustle some feathers, why don’t you. Anyhow, there’s some of you out there that are just not into parties. A lot of you may prefer just dressing sensibly for practical comfort. But you probably are keen on keeping your home environment spic and span. And talk about tradition. Ditch the energy sucking vacuum cleaners because this long-standing tradition does absolutely nothing to your energy bill, positively speaking, of course. It’s the new normal surely, and its organic. It’s called feather dusting. Ostrich feathers for cleaning the house are really great.

colored feathers

Finally, here’s a little something for all the naughty boys and girls out there. You might just want to tickle his or her fancy with your feathers.